I always wanted to do a screencast

I always wanted to do a screencast. I was also always afraid to do it.

That being said, it’s called Beware of the Software and the first episode is here:

You can find the code for it here.

The screencast is going to be about… uh… computer stuff, let’s call it that. I can’t promise you it will always be about Elixir or distributed systems. But at least the next batch of episodes will be precisely on that. Distributed systems with Elixir. From there, I’m thinking about going through some CS papers. I also take suggestions if you’re willing to give them.

I’m still learning and experimenting with the format so it is far from perfect… Or maybe even “good”. But you can help me make it good.

I’m asking everyone for feedback. Drastically reducing the number of minutes, showing myself while coding, increasing the font size, tips for the mic and voice. Help has been invaluable. Hit me on Twitter with all you have (Svbtle doesn’t allow comments). Rip me a new one if you must, but all feedback is appreciated.

Hope you enjoy!
hack the gibson and all that.


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